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About North American Rescue Simulation

North American Rescue Simulation began in 2008 as Innovative Tactical Training Solutions (ITTS). Our mission was to develop and produce realistic training tools that would provide the realism demanded by the military and emergency medical domains. In addition to the realism, we knew that true training tools needed to be a complement to training exercises, not a piece that demanded time and attention. Training sessions are effective, both in cost and in educational value, when they can be repeated with minimal interruption – they must serve the greatest number for the greatest amount of time.

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We offer tactical training products and services to all branches of military, state and local police and EMS, and private security.

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North American Rescue Simulation

Since 2008, we've been providing realistic training equipment and simulations to military, emergency, and security customers around the country. Our training sessions are an effective and affordable way to prepare your team.