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Part Task Trainer


North American Rescue Simulation would like to introduce a stand-alone and realistic training device that can be used with or without blood flow, the Part Task Trainer. It is compact and easy to transport, yet rugged and durable enough for classroom or field use. Allows responder to use proper treatment techniques for both a gunshot wound in the inguinal crease through proper packing and/or use or junctional tourniquets and a fully amputated leg through proper application of a tourniquet.

Part Task Trainer

Part Task Trainer

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Accessories and Replacement Parts

We offer replacement parts for all products.

Surgical Airway Neck Skins

#93-0102 — Surgical Airway Neck Skins
(10-pack = 70 ops sites)

Tension Bladder

#93-0169 — Tension Bladder

Tension Bladder with Wrap

#93-0167 — Tension Bladder with Wrap

Lung Bladder Set

#93-0175 — Lung Bladder Set

Sternal IO Plate

93-0177 — Sternal IO Plate

Humeral Head

93-0178 — Humeral Head

Bleeding Solenoids

93-0182 — Bleeding Solenoids

Blood Fill Tank

93-0183 — Blood Fill Tank

5-AMP Battery with Charger

93-0140 — 5-AMP Battery with Charger

5-AMP Battery without Charger

93-0139 — 5-AMP Battery without Charger

10-AMP Battery with Charger

93-0143 — 10-AMP Battery with Charger

10-AMP Battery without Charger

93-0141 — 10-AMP Battery without Charger

TOMM Storage Rack

93-0286 — TOMM Storage Rack

 Velcro Uniform

93-0129 — Velcro Uniform

Non Bleeding Skin (front and back)

93-0147 — Non Bleeding Operative Site Skin (front and back view)

Non Bleeding Skin (cross section)

93-0147 — Non Bleeding Operative Site Skin (cross section view)

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