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Combat Medical Simulation Laboratory

The NARS Combat Medical Simulations Laboratory (CMSL), with Environmental Control structure, is a fully configurable, dynamic, training venue. Simultaneous integration of multiple NARS products and devices, create environmentally realistic scenario settings. From point of injury care, to mass-casualty triage, and complex medical/surgical case management, the CMSL provides the capability to train appropriate personnel in a safe and reproducible environment.

Features of the Combat Medical Simulation Laboratory

  • Multi-purpose, freestanding structure designed for use in a warehouse or hanger
  • Structure dimensions: 54’ L X 24’ X 10’ H
  • Includes an overhead catwalk (with 3 access staircases) allowing cadre an uninterrupted view of simulation rooms and student’s performance
  • Fully configurable structure with sliding and hinged walls to meet unique training scenarios
  • A 1’ x 1’ grate floor drain in the center hallway facilitates easy clean up
  • Training pause switch in the hallway
  • Emergency shut-off next to all outside doors

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All Rooms Equipped with the Following Features
  • Multiple brilliant LED light assemblies to create a variety of lighting conditions (Amber, Red, Blue and White)
  • Smoke/Fogger
  • Loudspeaker system that links with audio input controller (allows cadre total control of audio tracks/sound effects, volume, channel selection, etc.)
  • Access to center hallway
  • Center room walls hinged to create a variety of simulated rooms

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