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Little Bird Extrication Scenario Trainer — #93-0295

The Little Bird is a portable and reusable MH-6 size helo cabin structure built for providing multi-purpose simulation exercises that accurately recreate real-life extrication situations in crash scenarios.

The Little Bird, used in conjunction with the NARS TOMManikin and Sensory Control Unit (SCU), gives total integration between the simulation cabin and environmental factors that can be applied to any training scenario. The front compartment can be used as a trap for the TOMManikin (both pilot and co-pilot seating). The Little Bird has extractable doors, providing a realistic obstacle to emergency extractions.

To add a sense of stress and the element of surprise to the care-under-fire and extraction experience, the portable NARS Sensory Control Unit (SCU) applies environmental distractions to a training scenario. Remotely controlled via NARS Ruggedized Tablet (included), the training coordinator can introduce and vary the intensity of noise and smoke (fogger).

The control of these factors, plus the realism of the training structure, greatly enhances the realism at point of injury.

Little Bird Little Bird Little Bird Little Bird

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Water Version Little Bird Available — #93-0293

A special version of the Little Bird MH-6 helo simulator is available for water rescue training.

Little Bird Water Simulator Little Bird Water Simulator

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