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Live Constructive CASEVAC Simulation

Immersive Rescue and Evacuation Training Environment

The NARS Live Constructive CASEVAC Simulation Package (LCCSP) operates as either a mobile or fixed training system, and enhances the realism of combat medical training in both outdoor and indoor environments. The LCCSP allows the training organization to operate in a controlled academic environment, while allowing the individual trainee to experience a wide range of scenarios—from the focus on simple levels of training to a complex force-on-force medical simulation training environment.

HH-60 CASEVAC Simulator
Outdoor Simulation
HH-60 CASEVAC Simulator
Indoor Simulation

The LCCSP builds a dynamic CASEVAC training environment from point of injury care to transferee surgical team assist. LCCSP uses a combination of NARS products that allows instructors/staff the complete flexibility to meet the training goals and objectives without creating operational training obstacles.

The LCCSP provides the capability to train appropriate personnel on the proper methods of administering medical aid to occupants from the battlefield during simulation training exercises.

The LCCSP can be controlled from your laptop, PC, or NARS remote. The easy-to-use, custom designed interface allows for an increase/decrease in the level of stress on the trainee via the control of environmental factors, such as light, noise, wind (fans), water, smoke (foggers), and other specialized components.

The control of these factors and the built-in “intelligence” of the unit greatly enhance the realism of CASEVAC procedures.