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Ballistic Simulator

NARS Ballistics and Blast Simulators

Introduce a realistic threat into your training scenarios with the NARS Ballistic and Blast Simulators. These cost-efficient trainee sensory stressor devices create an intense training environment. Realistic muzzle flash, 140 dB blast percussion, makes your training a memorable experience.

In addition to being cost effective and removing the annoyance of using blank rounds, the Ballistic and Blast Simulators allow you to work from a safe distance, while still experiencing the high decibel emission of live fire.

Features of the Air Blast Simulator
  • Self-Contained Blast Simulator
  • Includes Air Compressor, Rechargeable Battery, and NARS Remote
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Safe for Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Available to ship to OCONUS