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CV-22 CASEVAC Simulator — #93-0072

Reusable, Realistic Helo Cabin Simulator for Combat Medical Training

The CV-22 simulator is a mobile (DOT licensable) trailer that has a variety of options that enhance the simulated battlefield at any location, in any weather conditions, at any time of day or night. This towable CASEVAC training platform allows for multiple combat equipment configurations of equipment and multiple patients; whether loading from point of injury, or providing care during transport. Features include realistic cabin height, width, and length. Includes crew securing landmarks and 36 reinforced rings. 4-5 litter stantions are available upon request.

CV-22 CASEVAC Simulator CV-22 CASEVAC Simulator CV-22 CASEVAC Simulator CV-22 CASEVAC Simulator
Features of the CV-22 CASEVAC Simulator
  • Reusable system that reduces the demand on personnel and equipment
  • Provides the capability to train appropriate personnel on the proper methods of administering medical aid to occupants from the interior of a structure within the parameters of a training exercise
  • Wireless Control via NARS Ruggedized Tablet, with a custom designed interface that allows for an increase/decrease in the level of stress on the trainee via the control of environmental factors
  • Remotely controlled environment factors include light, noise, smoke (foggers), and other specialized components
  • Inside dimensions of 21 feet length x 62 inches width x 72 inches in height

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