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NARS Training and Services

NARS provides realistic tactical training scenarios that pushes a team’s tactics, techniques and procedures to the limit, revealing strengths and weaknesses.

As an extension of our commitment to enhancing the training environment, NARS also offers seasoned veteran led classroom instruction, trauma lanes and field training that will allow you to take full advantage of NARS products, while reinforcing tactical scenario techniques.

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Active Shooter Scenario

Gain the tactical advantage in active threat management

NARS can provide a dynamic, expandable, training solution designed to take force-on- force, and scenario-based, training to new levels of realism. Simulated ballistics, improvised explosive devices, smoke, noise and blood create a realistic, impressionable training experience, allowing for seamless integration into ALERRT & ASTTP programs.

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Full Mission Profile

NARS can cater to your training needs. From a basic medical scenario to an extensive multi-day Full Mission Profile. NARS can provide different levels of simulations to enhance your training scenarios, from a simple medical scenario to full blown Mass Casualty scenario with CASEVAC. Providing the high fidelity TOMManikin, Role Players, Moulage, Instructors and Evaluators. NARS has the capabilities to provide a wide range of tactical scenarios with use of NARS Simulation Weapons Systems and also provides training aids for extrication of patients from downed aircraft or vehicles.

E-Learning POD™ Survival Course

Educate your entire force in the Patrol Officer Down™ Survival Course with Online e-Learning! E-Learning POD™ Survival Courses transfer the control of your staff training to you.

You can train your entire staff according to your training and work schedules. E-Learning reduces the need for travel time. Officers can train anywhere they have access to a computer and Internet connection - training and working at their own pace. You can be confident that your staff is receiving the same content regardless of their location.

Whether you have a staff of ten or ten thousand, the e-Learning POD™ Survival Course reduces the cost per head versus traditional training methods.

To register, go to the contact page. Under Area of Interest, select Training/Services.

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Rotary Wing Rescue Package

With a full fleet of rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft to create the most dynamic full mission profile training environment using a variety of simulators. NARS is the leader in aviation based rescue equipment supply and simulation. All of the gear needed to execute a real world rescue and medical scenario is included in our packages customized to client specification.

Rotary Wing Rescue Package Rotary Wing Rescue Package Rotary Wing Rescue Package Rotary Wing Rescue Package

For FRIES/SPIES and hoist operations our medium lift Bell 412 is a key asset. Able to operate without loss of capability in day/night and land/water conditions our crew, aircraft and equipment is able to fully simulate all rescue/medical conditions for either CONUS or OCONUS environments with customized configurations are available.

Other NARS Classroom Training Options

  • Simulation Training
  • Full Mission Profile Scenario
  • Care Under Fire, Direct Threat, Active Shooter, MASCAL scenario and trauma lanes
  • 2-Day Law Enforcement Trauma Training Course

If you’re interested in scheduling a classroom training session, an NARS Product training session (Instructor led), or renting an NARS product, check Training/Services under Area of Interest on the Contact page and an NARS representative will contact you to discuss your interests.

NARS Service and Product Training Options

  • TOMManikin Services & Rental
  • Tamikin Services & Rental
  • Techline Wearable Wounds
  • CASEVAC Rental
  • Propane Simulators: Blast Simulator & Ballistic Simulator Rental
  • NARS Simulation Packages

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